Monday, June 29, 2009

Terry Family Reunion in St. George, UT

We just got back from a family reunion with Marc's Family in St. George and we had so much fun! There were so many people too. It goes all the way back to Marc's great grand parents, so excluding them who are no longer alive... 5 generations = a ton of people!

We headed down a couple of days early to spend time with Chandi and Dan. They have a pretty sweet hill behind their house and Marc loved trying to catch lizards. They were so fast and hard to catch.

These lizards were pretty small. The one on the right was about the size of a grass hopper.

There were so many fun activities at the reunion. We went to Lazar Mania, which is kind of like Po-Jo's, and we had the hole place to ourselves and played lazar tag, mini golf, bumper cars, arcade games, and had a huge pizza party. We also played golf, and Marc's brother Brett hit a car and shattard the windshield! We also went hiking at pioneer park which had a super scary narrow canyon you had to sqeeze through. Marc's brother Sean got stuck a couple of times and it took him quite a while to get out. Of course we went boating! We also went to a community/rec center and had the entire pool area with really fun slides and a lazy river reserved just for us which was a blast. We had lots of fun! Oh, and sorry for all the boating pictures, but Marc's camera is broken and all we have is my huge one, which is hard to drag around, so I didn't take it out too much.

My reverse farmers tan... before the trip I had a pretty bad farmers tan from golfing, and so I tried to get rid of it, and got a little fried (actally a lot fried) where I had been white.

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Robyn said...

Fun fun! I am a little jealous- staying in a hotel with all the perks sounds like my kind of family reunion- not this roughing stuff we have to do this weekend!