Monday, September 8, 2008

Our humble hole, I mean home (actually apartment)

We are finally in our own appartment, and have been for almost three weeks now. It's pretty dang small and we were both worried about fitting all our stuff in it, but somehow it does. There is only two walls that are actual sheet rock and the rest brick, so it makes it hard to hang things, but the brick is actually kinda neat. There is no dishwasher!!! so I have to wash all our dishes by hand which pretty much sucks, but with only the two of us there really isn't too many dishes. Oh, and the smoke alarm goes off everytime I cook. Seriously, I will preheat the oven and just opening the oven to put the food into it causes the alarm to go off. It is pretty annoying. Overall it really isn't that bad though. We are planning on being here only 9 months (until the end of the school year) and the rent is really cheap and its close to campus which makes it nice on gas... Marc and I haven't filled up the car in 2 weeks and he hasn't filled up his motor cycle in almost 3 weeks. It is pretty nice. But here are some pics of our little apartment. There aren't as many as Chandi's, but her house is way bigger than our 800 sq. foot dinky apartment.

This is our bedroom in which our bed barely fits and there is like only 1 foot between the bed and the wall on the other side of the bed. I caved in and let Marc put his ugly D.I. dresser out instead of the closet because there was no room in the closet and we need the drawers!

Our bathroom reminds me of a hotel bathroom.
This is one non-brick wall...
... and here is the other.
I thought we were going to have to eat every meal off our tv trays from Aunt Jerry becasue I wasn't sure if we would actually be able to fit a table in here, but with only having one couch (yes the ugly and most uncomfortable one from the cabin) we were able to fit it with room to spare. The kitchen is so small it only took 1 picture to get every angle. Again... notice no dishwasher!!!!