Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July

Well, actually these pictures are from the 5th.
It was a super fun day though hanging out and playing with fire!

A SUPER cute kid!

Colt and Jersey... Lets hope it's only a phase!

I don't know who took this, but it's pretty cool. The only thing that would make this cooler would be Fifi on top!

Jersey. So cute, and SPOILED!


Watching fireworks and eating popcicles.

Jordan... setting a bad example for all the kids, but a pretty sweet picture.

The almost newlyweds. They weren't as close as they thought.

The cutest picture EVER!!!


Robyn said...

Cute pics Kelsey! I am biased to think that the kissing cousins pictures is the cutest one though. :)


HOLY CRAP... WAY CUTE PICS! You need to email me those of my kids! Loved Em!

Cortney said...

Its actually Phi-Phi...not fifi. She is your new black neice so you should start spelling her name right...hehe.

Bailey said...

you have such a cute blog!!!!!