Monday, August 17, 2009

The Latest...

Marc and I have had an awesome summer and it has flown by WAY too FAST!!! We went on a couple family reunions, my little sis got married!!!! and we go to hang out with each other a bunch relaxing and having so much fun.
Marc is looking and hoping for a new job because Spaghetti Factory just isn't cutting it for us lately (mostly we are both just sick of it and the DUMB, STUPID, RETARDED, ECT. people running the place). I am working at Inter-State Studio again!!!! LOVE IT!! (but I am still working at Spag just on the weekends for extra cash and there is no point in sitting at home on my butt every Friday and Saturday night while Marc is working there).
Marc FINALLY took his motorcycle test, so I can now legally ride it with him, ride it at night and on the freeway (not like we didn't do those things already, but now we just don't have to worry about those cops!)
School starts in a week... BOO! But it is our last year and I can't wait to be done! Marc is studying hard for the LSAT which he will take the end of September then it is off to Law School in a year. Not sure where yet, but I am so excited for a new adventure/chapter in our lives and as long as I'm with Marc I can't complain :).
We are planning on going to visit Marc's family over Labor Day at their cabin in West Yellowstone. Mostly we will just be wakeboarding!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT & my MAN!!!!!!! Speaking of wakeboarding... Marc and I just competed in a wakboard compitition a couple weeks ago. Marc did really well. As for me... well it was my first comp and only my second time riding this summer (lame I know) but all things considering, I did OK :) and it was a super nice day and we had so much fun! Oh, and I almost forgot... Marc ordered a new wakeboard and should be here tomorrow! He is so excited especially since we are going out with my work on Friday (getting paid for an 8 hour day for it too by the way). P.S. if anybody wants to buy his old one... its for sale!
Hiking in St. George

Firewoorks! Enough Said.

He really does... he just hates when I make him take pictures :)

Made for eachother!