Monday, June 8, 2009

Marc's Birtday and Our First Anniversary! (Late... again)

Marc's Birthday was May 5th. I made him his favorite breakfast in bed, then we had class, then for lunch I made him one of his favorites (and in celebration of Cinco De Mayo)... fajita quasadillas. For his birthday I got him golf clubs, which he actually got a little early :). After his practice we went and got him a new golf bag with the money from his parents. We went to Big Juds for dinner. He said he didn't really want anything greesy, but when we were trying to decide where to go the only place that sounded really good to him was Big Jud's (the greesiest place you could go!) I also made him a cheese cake (his mom's recipe which is like the best cheese cake ever!) Finnished the night off by renting a movie and little more fun... :).

I forgot to get a picture of him with his cake before we dug into it, so here he is with half a slice of his cake. We were both so full after eating Big Juds and cheese cake!

Marc hates posing for pictures, so here he is "posing" with his new presents.

Our First Anniversary! -Can't belive its been a year!!
It was on a Sunday, so we were a little limited on fun activities, and we had homework :(. But, we did get some delicious crab legs for dinner and I made a cheese cake for dessert. Then we spent 7 hours doing business statistics homework until 2 in the morning. Still a way good anniversary though cause it was with the best husband EVER!!!!


Natalie Leavitt said...

sounds like fun. i'll have to get that cheesecake recipe.

The Royce's said...

Happy Anniversary!! wew 1yr down!! You guys are so cute!