Friday, July 18, 2008

Marc hurt himself...Again.

So a lot of people post blogs about when their kids get hurt. We don't have kids, but Marc plays the part of getting hurt quite well. It seems that he hurts himself (mostly from wakeboarding) and then as soon as he is well enough to wakeboard he hurts himself again.

This was Marc's first injury of the summer, not actually from wakeboarding though., but couldn't wakeboard for about a week or two. He got this one trying to get a trailor loose from the hitch of his brothers truck, so he jumped on the bumber, slipped off and sliced his leg on the exhaust. His dad fixed it up by giving him seven stitches and told him he couldn't wakboard because his bindings would cause the stiches to open up, but he could surf. So here is a picture of him surfing--

Marc got hurt again the first time back out wakeboarding after getting his stiches out. This time he ruptured his eardrum doing a 360. He got off axis during his rotation and landed strait on his ear. It drained water and gross stuff for a few weeks, but it is finnaly starting to get better. He has gotten a couple concussions from wakeboarding and after rupturing his eardrum he decided he should wear a helmet. The helmet looks kind of dorky, but will keep him alive!

This is his most recent injury from just a couple days ago. He hurt his arm/shoulder doing a tantrum, which is basically a backflip. He is not sure how exactly he hurt it because his left arm isn't on the rope for this flip, and it is a flip he is pretty comfortable doing and does it as a warm up for other flips and tricks. But it is feeling better and he will be able to wakeboard this weekend when we go to his cabin! I on the other hand wont be able to wakeboard because my new binding are still not in yet! Oh well.


The Royce's said...

pKel, all I have to say is wait until you have a son! He will more than likely be just like his Dad! :0) Love you guys!!

Travis, Mindy & Boys said...

Kel, it looks like you married a Dare Devil! Just wait until you have kids- it should be LOTS of FUN! Take some pic's of you too! I haven't seen you in a while... are you trying to hide something? :0) J/K

Travis, Mindy & Boys said...

Hey, I tagged you! Look at my blog to find out the details!