Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just for Fun

So I saw this on my brother and sister in-laws page and thought it would be fun to put on our page. So here it is:

How long did we date? we dated a year then were engaged for almost 4 months.

Who said I love you first? It was complicated. Marc sorta said if first, but then he forced it out of me.

Who sings better? uh... we are both pretty bad!

Who's smarter? That would be Marc, but probably only because he has more discapline to apply himself.

Who pays the bills? Marc makes the money, I pay them.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me because I make Marc sleep closer to the door.

Who Mows the lawn? We don't have a lawn to mow.

Who cooks dinner? Me, but marc does make some pretty good chicken enchaladas and the best steaks ever-- he does all the BBQin'.

Who drives? Mostly Marc

Who's more stubborn? Marc

Who kissed who first? We kissed eachother, duh! Marc went in for the kiss though.

Who asked who out first? Marc asked me

Who Propsed? Marc. It was my birthday and he wrapped the ring up in a big box to disguise it.

More Siblings? We have the same... crazy actually, we both have 5 boys and 5 girls in our families and are both the 8th.

Who wears the pants? Marc so far.


Natlaie Leavitt said...

cute blog. you better keep it updated. i only do mine like once a month, so then i have to do like 10 posts and it takes way too long. can't wait to see you at the reunion!!

Travis, Mindy & Boys said...

Kel Bel! Yeah, I have to say I'm so excited you've become a Blogger! I was just telling Travis that we haven't even talked to you since you've been married! It sounds like you guys are doing great. Your wedding pic's are so dang cute, I wish we could have been there! Tell my bro-in-law I said HELLO! Oh yea, and BLOG ON!