Monday, February 22, 2010

The Latest

First things first... Marc got accepted to University of Idaho's law school!!! Not sure if that is where we will be going, but it is a top choice and it's his first acceptance, so it is a HUGE relief to know that we will be going SOMEWHERE!

My Birthday...
For my birthday Marc suprised me with breakfast and my present when I got home from class, we went and workout together, then my parents and grandma came over and braught me some presents and a delish cake! Marc and I went to McGraths for dinner, went to a movie and then went bowling. All in all it was a GREAT birthday!!!
Marc got me a new golf bag... picked it out himself & I LOVE it!!
Before going out to eat... got him in a head lock (oops!)

Valentines Day...
I suprised Marc this year for Valentines day with I ♥ U pancakes in bed. After chrch we had king crab legs for lunch (not a suprise), but dinner was the BIG suprise... We went out to my parents where I had my my nieces set up a cute little "restaurant" for us with a decorations and a sign on the door, menues etc. and they waited on us (REALLY CHEESY I know, but so much fun and the girls did an AWESOME job!) I forgot my camera, so no pics.
Marc set up a photo shoot with my little sis Cortney for my Valentines day gift. Obviously, she used my camera and basically I set the settings on the camera, posed us and told her what to do and she pressed the button. The pictures turned out great and I am in the process of editing them so I will post them soon.

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