Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Marc making glitter balls. He really didn't like me taking this picture because he didn't want anybody to see him"crafting". He said that's what girls do, but he was really good at it and I think he secretly liked it.

He thought he would get me back by taking my picture, but I didn't mind. So here I am making glitter balls.

So Marc doesn't like getting his picture taken especially when he is doing something that he doesn't want anybody to see him doing, like decorating the tree. He really got into it though. When I went to buy some decorations for our tree he said not to buy any cheesey ones because he REALLY didn't want an ugly tree. I tried to take a picture of him putting ribon on the tree, but my camera was off and the next thing I new he was sitting on the couch refusing to do any more. So this picture is him trying to hide from a picture.

Here he is all embaraced.

So then I had to try and put on the ribbon.

But because Marc doesn't want an ugly tree, he had to take over, and I got a picture of him.

Our finished tree with no star.

Marc tying a bow on MY PRESENT!!!!

So this doesn't have any thing to do with Christmas, but yesterday Marc and I played Jenga and my camera was sitting on the table so I thought I would take a picture. It was a pretty intense game, and it did go on for a few more rounds after this picture before it went down. You can totally see it leaning, and yes the bottom two rows have only the middle blocks... That was Marc's doing! I kept getting mad at him cause those were always the first blocks he took.


The Royce's said...

NICE Job Marc!! I'll have to call you next year to help me decorate my tree...j/k! oh and that is great about Marc getting that job at BK....Love you guys!!

the "chad" royces said...

hey guys love the tree!! you may not be the biggest fans of colored lights, but it looks great! congrats to marc!!!