Friday, October 31, 2008

Our first Halloween!

We carved a pumkin! All the pumkins were pretty picked over, so all that was left were ugly ones, ones with no stem, and huge ones. So I decided that I didn't want to carve a huge pumpkin by myself so Marc and I carved one together.

Getting the top off was so hard! it was so thick. Marc had to hold the stem and I held the pumpkin and we both pulled... it was pretty funny. We managed to get it though...because Marc is so manly :).
Marc hates getting his picture taken and he is trying to ignore me.

I drew the face and Marc carved it. He picked the mouth too.

The finished product.


Katie said...

That looks like so much fun! We forgot to get pumpkins this year, oops!

Natlaie Leavitt said...

That's fun, Brent is such a Scrooge at Halloween, he never wants to carve pumpkins. In fact, only once in like 7 years. I'll be updating my blog tonight or tomorrow!!!

The Royce's said...

Hey Kel, love the new post pics. I'm with Natalie, your lucky Marc likes to carve pumpkins! love ya!

Wilde Family said...

Ditto- my kids painted them this year, cuz Dan didn't want to carve them. Cute pictures. We'll be up there Friday and going to Jordan's game.